Hexbrawler Dungeons Pack of Portals


Expansion pack for Hexbrawler Dungeons Basepack.


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From Hexbrawler Games comes our first expansion to our Hexbrawler Dungeons Basepack for DungeonDraft, a pack customized for old-school game play and
design. Suitable both for VTT and for incorporation into referee materials.

  • 46 new portals!
  • 10 2-tile wide portals!
  • 10 3-tile wide portals!

Specifically designed and tested to work with our base pack. All design work is done by us using open-source tools, including Krita and Gimp, on the Linux operating system, using an open-source tool python dungeon-draft packaging tool developed by us for the DungeonDraft maker community. We publish under a permissive license because we want to support both hobbyists and people who want to make a living for making things useful to others.


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