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  • Tools in the Toolbox

    Tools in the Toolbox

    One very useful framework for studying society is in terms of grid and group, an approach created by anthropologist Mary Douglas more than fifty years ago in her book Natural Symbols, and then elaborated upon by her and others in the years since. Without bogging ourselves down in the minutiae of the theory, Douglas contends…

  • Feuds, Divisions, and Stability in Viking Society

    Feuds, Divisions, and Stability in Viking Society

    Creating a new dungeon campaign can involve–and often does–a lot of world-building. World building is not, and probably should not be, constrained to the sorts of fidelity expected of the sciences, but it must achieve sufficient plausibility and internal coherence that those participating in the experience are not distracted by it; if there are blank…

  • Odin’s Ravens

    Odin’s Ravens

    Odin’s Ravens most commonly take the form of the common raven, but in their natural form, Odin’s Ravens are marked by an incredibly large and singular green orb, a shard of the Eye of Odin. Devotees to the Allfather believe that seeing Odin’s Ravens in this form is a profound sign of Odin’s attention.  Odin’s…