Odin’s Ravens

Odin’s Ravens most commonly take the form of the common raven, but in their natural form, Odin’s Ravens are marked by an incredibly large and singular green orb, a shard of the Eye of Odin. Devotees to the Allfather believe that seeing Odin’s Ravens in this form is a profound sign of Odin’s attention. 

Odin’s Ravens see the world, and then whisper in the ear of Hrafnaguð, the Allfather, Odin One-Eye. What the Ravens See, Odin then Knows. His Ravens are drawn to victorious battlefields, to glorious feasts, and to fallen warriors, whose sacrifice pleases Odin. Chief among his Ravens are Thought (Huginn) and Desire (Muninn) [max hp, deal max damage]. While powerful beings, these Ravens rarely interfere, preferring only to observe and report. If attacked, they will typically seek to escape rather than respond with violence, as they can fly with incredible swiftness. Should a Raven die, the Eye may be extracted. The Raven’s eye is an Orb of Perilous Devotion. See Treasure description below.

Armor Class -2 [22]
Hit Dice9 (40hp)
Attacks2 × Death Ray (3d6) [10’ wide, 240’ range, magical]
THAC012 [+7]
Movement540’ (180’) flying
Saving ThrowsD8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (8)
XP1700 / 2300
Number Appearing2+1d20
May transform at will to take the form of the common raven
Treasure TypeOrb of Perilous Devotion – The user of the Orb may cause a part of themselves to be sent out as 1-HD raven(s), in a number up to the user’s level + 1. These ravens can gather information, accomplish tasks, and are effectively under indirect control of the orb’s user. The user of the orb is free to pursue other actions while the raven(s) are sent and act at their full level. However, should a raven perish before returning to the user’s body, the user shall gain a negative level for each perished raven. Should ravens perish in greater numbers than the user’s HD, the user shall die, then return in one thousand years as an undead being of a kind equalling 1 + HD of the user. Finally, known only to the highest priests and priestesses of Odin and Frigg, if a follower of Odin plucks out his own eye, he may place the orb into his empty socket, and thus dedicate his life to Odin as his Raven reborn.






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